why know what to wear every morning, look great and find you comfortable to rage...

    It makes you feel sure of yourself.
    And that's not asking too much.


    Why have a versatile wardrobe background that you can combine easily and in your own style… He successfully gets you out of any trouble, surprises you with special moments, makes your life easier.
    And hey, how good a drink with friends feels after a hard day.


    Because our models are born to become the essential item of your wardrobe.
    Timeless classics, yes, but with unique touches that make them special.
    We take care of the pattern and the finish down to the smallest detail. Why achieve the design that one day we imagine and see you smile with it in front of the mirror It is our greatest satisfaction.

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  • Why discover that you can do something for other women who have it much harder than you It is one of the best rewards.
    That's why 3€ of the purchase of each dress will go to the Azada Verde NGO project. 
    The women of Toronga, in Mozambique, have taken the reins. And now, with the training and support of Azada Verde, they are guaranteeing a livelihood for their families.

  • Patricia Cruz, Executive Secretary

    I don't have time to go shopping and this brand has been a real discovery. I already have 3 of her dresses.

    At first glance they seem simple, but when you try them on they surprise you. They don't go out of style and you know they will be there forever.

    Also, thanks to Ms Worker I have discovered sustainable fashion.

  • Raquel Iglesias, Directora General en Dríade Soluciones ambientales

    My way of understanding life and my profession is from the perspective of real sustainability, both environmental and social.

    For years I was looking for clothing brands that met these requirements, but it always meant having to give up my style of dress. 

    When I found MsWorker it not only met these requirements, it far exceeded them.
    Its finishes and quality are impeccable and hardly wrinkle, which is a major handicap for my business trips.

  • Blanca Fernandez de Pierola, Landscaper

    Buying the Blanca dress has been quite an investment.

    It solves a lot of situations for me. With him I feel cute and tidy. I had no idea how comfortable it is.

    I couldn't find a sustainable brand that would go with me and now I have it.

    By the way, now I know what to do with my hands. I love the pockets!

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