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 Hemp fabric is obtained from the stem of the plant. It is the longest, softest and strongest fiber of vegetable origin.

 Hemp is considered one of the most sustainable textiles known. The plant does not require watering during growth, it has almost no natural enemies (insects) and therefore does not need pesticide treatment. Because it grows so fast (up to four meters in just a couple of months), weeds don't stand a chance, they don't hinder hemp growth, and no herbicides are necessary. Hemp is a natural product, it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable and feels great on the skin.

 Its insulating power allows it to keep you warm in winter and in summer it refreshes, absorbs and releases moisture quickly, avoiding bad odors, it is also antimicrobial.

 What's more, it is stiffer, harder and less elastic than cotton and therefore less flexible. These properties also cause the material to wrinkle, when used in woven fabrics, although this property can also be considered as part of its "natural charm".

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